Is Yoga Teacher Training for Me?


What a great question to ask! It was one of the first questions I had as I began my journey. I started practicing Yoga in 2016. Shortly after I had my 3rd child. I was looking for a way to lose a bit of baby weight and I really wanted to try Yoga.

Like most people, I saw the tricky asana poses online and watched a few minutes of a power vinyasa class, and immediately I was intimidated. I remember the first day I say in my living room ready to pop on a video from YouTube and I realized that yoga was much more complex than I originally thought. I noticed that there were different kinds of yoga classes with all kinds of different themes.

I decided to search for what I felt I needed that day. I was tired, I was overwhelmed, and I didn't feel pretty or attractive at all. I felt like the hot mess express. I knew I needed to go slow, give myself some grace and space and find peace. So my search landed me on a page with so many videos, I picked the picture that looked the most relaxing. It was a child's pose. I clicked play and the next 30 minutes was BLISS. I realized that time flew by. I noticed that the time I spent on the mat made the entire world seem to vanish. I felt so at peace when I was finished that I fell asleep in Savasana for a few minutes, only to wake up when the next video played. I remember thinking, this is GREAT, I need more of this. And then after about a week, I realized. The world needs more of this.

How could I have gone my entire existence without knowing the power of slowing down and sitting with my breath, being in my body. After a month or so of sem-regular practice. I knew I wanted to learn more. I knew I wanted to go deeper into my practice and MAYBE share it with some friends and family. I decided to come up with a list of things that would be GOOD if I decided to do the training and this was what I came up with.

1. If nothing else. I get to learn more and experience more through this practice.

2. It makes my body feel good! Why not!?

3. It will be challenging but anything worth having is challenging.

4. I will learn so much about Yoga and how it can heal!

5. Maybe I will make new friends?!?!

6. Maybe I can manage my fibromyalgia and anxiety/depression!

7. What if I get really good at it???

So I did it! I did Yoga teacher training in 2020 with Happy Jack Yoga University.

BUT what I didnt expect, that I also got was:

1. A chance to really connect with myself in a profound way

2. A Global Community that I love dearly!!!

3. An experience of a lifetime

4. I found my Dharma (purpose).

5. I experienced (and still experience) personal growth daily!

6. I found something I am good at and passionate about!

7. I get to share with other Yogis, teachers, and my community something that can heal them HOLISTICALLY and I love it here!!!

Maybe you are considering trying Yoga Teacher Training! If you are, I think that you should DO IT!!!! You will learn so much about this ancient practice and yourself and this experience, if you take advantage of it, can and WILL change your life forever! And Happy Jack offers ongoing support as you navigate your way through training as a 200HR or 500HR Yoga teacher, AND support as you work to build your dream yoga biz and make a living doing what you love!!